Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All clear!

We've got the all clear to head out the door! It is officially safe for the baby to leave the house! We did it. Six months indoors. All in the name of keeping the baby healthy through the winter. We ordered everything online and Dad even took on a few shopping trips. Priest visits, communion to the door. We made it! So here's the big boy 14 pounds....thank you for all your prayers!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thankful: 7 weeks, 7lbs 7oz

A brief update: We are great. God is so good to us. Making his arrival October 10, baby Michael Francis is born at 5lbs 18in. while Mother Angelica recited St. Michael's chaplet. How perfect is that?!

Thankfully he dropped weight in a hurry getting that excess fluid out, allowing his lungs to develop. After a short ten day trip to the NICU we made it home!

From this little four pounder....

to this seven pounder....

God is so great!

Friday, May 3, 2013

How does your garden grow? Elizabeth's 5th Birthday

We had such a great time for Elizabeth's fifth birthday! With this theme:

Mary Mary Quite Contrary
How does your garden grow?

Every garden should have chicks to scratch up the soil so the first stop of the day was to buy a chick of course! But then they were buy six, get six.

Not so sure...


Loves her chicks!

After picking the chicks we headed home and Elizabeth said,"Can I have a lamb?"
Maybe next year!

I made a garden cake while Daddy made a garden.

A garden cake with veggies made from
fruit chew candies. See the chicks in there?

Our first garden here at our new house. 

Red bud in the front yard. Finally looking like spring around here.

We wore garden hats, ate Garden Salad, Fruits of the Garden Salad, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
Baked Beans, Strawberry Lemonade, Green Tea and Yummy Sangria
for everyone except the children and I!

Yummies from the party.

I made this with a cricut.

Mary, Mary how does your garden grow?

Papa and Elizabeth

Faithful family and their hats.

The matriarch of our family and great granddaughter named  after her.

Baby Sister Katherine.

Grandma, Anna and Maria

Mommy and her big girls.

Elizabeth and Grandma.

Joseph and Grandma.

Elizabeth loves books.

I made some party favors....
Pots with Seeds and Monogrammed Plant Markers. Using Mod Podge I stuck an antique nursery picture of Mistress Mary on the pots---they came out cute. I wish I took that picture!

I'm so proud of you Elizabeth. You make my heart skip a beat. Love, Mommy

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dinner in the finished product

Early March we had dinner at the home of a  lovely couple. They invited us out to see Daddy's design work. They thought his family should come first to see the house and I thought that was so fun. I often see houses my husband designs on paper but not always in real life! A beautiful home indeed! I think they had us out first while all their warranties were in effect!
Joseph enjoyed seeing Mr. L's sword.

Mrs.L beautifully set her table and marveled at all the seats!
She said, " you're table looks like this everyday.
Mine only does for Christmas!"

Monday, April 1, 2013

An Easter Blessing...

My husband made this Easter egg for me. I thought it would be perfect here...

The Lord has very generously blessed us with another baby due in November. Please keep us in your prayers. Things are off to a much better start than usual for us. I feel good, and know the Lord is in control.
I hope you and your family had a very blessed Easter! Alleluia! He is Risen!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A February Daybook

Outside my window...it's sooooo cold. Since my January Daybook we did indeed get a little snow. The children enjoyed some time outside and Daddy made a campfire. We have a wood stove going in and hopefully it will be finished tomorrow. Real curious to see if it will bring the electric bill down at all.

I am thinking...about Pope Benedict XVI and his monumental decision to retire. We took the opportunity to learn about how a new Pope is elected using this Catholic Inspired document. 

I am thankful...Anna and Maria had some help from two new neighbor friends yesterday when they had to bury a pet rabbit that had died peacefully the night before. The ground was frozen and it took them a couple of hours. That's the kind of thing you never forget.

In the kitchen...ho-hum. I need a list. A few of them. Meal ideas. Meal plans. Grocery lists. Now that I have discovered the international market has fresher, cheaper produce I'm smiling again. And wondering how the american supermarket gets away with higher prices and gross produce! The only down side is I can't see anything organic so we're making our own wash again but it's ok.

I am wearing...earrings again! Consistently. All my babies pulled at them so I put everything away. Lots of fun to dig it out again.

I am creating...plans for Maria's 13 birthday in May. WOW!

I am going...to jump for joy now that my youngest is a POTTY TRAINER. 

I am wondering...what it's like to not have Amazon deleiver diapers.

I am reading...oooo! I just finished reading Hittite Warrior. Now I can hand it off to Maria and Anna to read. It's a good one. We do Roman Catholic History. We started right a the beginning and we love it. Especially because all the books we use for Bible History are on the list. It's double the pleasure, once the grading time! HA! Anyhow, we had a hard time getting into Mara, Daughter of the Nile, and another one everyone else seems to love but Hittite Warrior was great! We're also reading St. Thomas Aquinas, and Lord of the Rings. What a combination, huh? The girls have a book club that Daddy goes to with them and they kind of use the Kolbe Literature as a springboard. If you don't have it, the Kolbe Junior High Literature, both the elementary and the junior high programs are worth every penny.

I am hoping...Maria will meet some more people. She's a little lonely-- missing her friends---I've been told 7th grade is a big transition year for home school students. Lots of children headed to the parochial school and then again at 8th grade. 

I am looking forward to...making more of my own products. I quit buying laundry detergent and started making it in January. It seems like fewer chemicals, it's lots cheaper. Soemone recently told me about soapnuts....I might try that to compare. Who knew such a thing was out there?! I never thought I'd give up Tide. But this is working and seems better. And certainly costs less. Next I'm out to try a home made sugar scrub--how badly wrong can that go? It's sugar!

I am learning..how to crochet. I've got a very patient friend at Anna's ballet school and youtube. It's easy, it's soothing and one day I'm sure I'll have a nice big knot. I've just been crocheting along and so far I have a lovely looking double helix sort of thing, and a base of a pyramid. It's of course not supposed to be a pyramid it just seems to be tapering in as I go up! Perfect for ancient studies.

Around the house...things are shaping up. We are still find a spot for everything and/or donate it!

One of my favorite things...a new book about crochet my friend gave me.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Co-op, Lenten Retreat, Ballet, Puppet practice. 

A peek into my day...

Joseph realizing this art looks just like Olivia's!

Art! I love it. I completely lack the talent but I love the mess and the outcome. And you know what? I especially love GLITTER! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I know it's not Thursday but this is one of those drafts that hasn't made it out. 
It will serve as a person reminder to me to not doubt and to remain faithful.

Over the Christmas holiday I had some strange pains in my left side, high on the rib cage. I went to the doctor who thought it was due to the disc damage I inflicted upon myself this year moving! None-the-less- because we "have a history" of breast cancer he sent me off for a mammogram. The radiologist there then sent me for an ultrasound. From there, she proceeded to tell me in a very urgent tone that I had two masses, one on each side that she thought needed to come out " immediately, the sooner, the better."

Here's what I've learned since that day...

  • I consider myself very blessed to have moved where we did, when we did. I met a beautiful new friend who has fought the breast cancer battle this year and is doing good. She recommended her surgeon and he saw me within days. I was thrilled when my friend told me the two of them prayed together prior to her surgery.
  • Dr. B saw me and said we should biopsy but we should also not be worried. He didn't think they looked like something I needed to worry about.
  • Most radiologists probably should stay in the film room reading films and let someone else come tell the  patient what's going on. That particular radiologist sent me into a panic! (Although I do know one radiologist who happens to be a great communicator.)
  • When I returned for my biopsy a couple of weeks later those masses could not be found on one side, and had changed so much on the other side Dr. B thought we could just keep an eye on them. 
Deo Gratias!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A January Daybook

I need a daybook. I love to read all of your daybooks. They inspire me, and remind me I should write a daybook too. So I consider it, and then mostly read all of yours instead of writing mine!

I'm hoping it will be easier to stay on top of my blog. My poor family just wants to know how we are doing and the truth if they could read my drafts I'd be all set! Because is all I have are ton of drafts!

I like fill in the blanks. And as Charlotte mentioned
Something is better than nothing--only she said it far more eloquently!

So thank you simplewomansdaybook for getting me going!

Outside my window...cold, wet, rainy. Virginia has the oddest weather. Over the years the winter is warmer and the spring comes earlier, and the summer is as hot as can be! Update: A winter storm on the way..4-6 inches which is huge here!

I am thinking...how thrilled I'd be if I get this posted!

I am thankful...for our faith. I did some real groveling at the foot of the cross this week. 
It wasn't pretty, and I can't wait to get to confession this week. We are so blessed to have our faith.

In the kitchen...I'm bored and it shows in our meals. I've just got to sit down and PLAN some meals.

I am wearing...a warm wrap around sweater from Mom! It's cold here!

I am creating...some new lesson plans.I find we need to mix things up a bit. This year a number of 
things have to be changed though. Sometimes I feel bad if I have to change something-- mostly because of the cost. But then I remember a wise woman said..."If some thing's not working for your child, get rid of it. Put it back on the shelf for someone else or pass it along. We're not homeschooling to make do with a curriculum."  I know I want to add All About Spelling to Anna's list of things to do, I really want to add some IEW Ancient Writing exercises because the Classical Composition that we have been doing is no longer, well, doing! I found some new fun things for the littles over at Shower of Roses homeschool inspiration pinterest board.
I am going...   to confession!

I am wondering...how people can afford to juice? I read a snippet of an article about curing 
some cancers naturally  and juicing. The statement was something along the lines of 13 glasses of fresh juice. That's a ton of produce. 

I am reading...this awesome little gem a friend gave me for Christmas. It's such a sweet little read.
Very poetic and full of love for our Mother. Check it out.  I'm also reading a book about tea from my brother and his wife. I love tea so to find out how good it is for me makes it worth it! Plus I didn't know all the different uses for tea. I burned a pan this week in the kitchen. The smell was terrible. I could smell the pan and I normally can't smell a thing. Anyhow I brewed up a pot of thyme tea and it cleared the smell out immediately. Turns out thyme is a natural antiseptic and can be used to clean the air. Who knew!?

I am hoping...to order the pictures from the Nutcracker soon. Anna will love them, it'll be my
  Saint Valentine's Day gift for her. Also hoping to make some super cute lollipops made from those left over candy canes. If I can find them again!

I am looking forward to...a quite weekend. Hot chocolate, gluten filled cookies ;)

I am learning..to knit! The girls got this for Christmas and I love it. Everything I have tried to 
make so far is exactly.....backwards!

Around the house...yikes---since the kitchen is in the house, you can only imagine

A favorite quote for today..."she is going to help us get to heaven" and "How else do you explain
 the surprise, but anything but being chosen for a special purpose? " 
There are a lot of beautiful birthing stories out there right now. Miracles, right and left! Deo gratias! This one I had to go back and read more than once. I  met Sarah several years children ago at a co-op we both attended and I'm here to tell you not only is she obviously very talented, but she's one of those people I          I call rock stars. Rock solid in her faith. And she can spot an opportunity to serve without batting her big eyes or skipping a beat! Never any hesitation. Just does. Check out her amazing birth story. I told her she was just beginning  a whole new love story. And what a beginning. 

One of my favorite things...singing tots. Some of these babies here can hum or sing all day. Yesterday

Elizabeth walked around all day humming...this song!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Thursday: Ballet and Yoga 
Friday: Expecting snow--a big event here in Virginia

A peek into my day...

Do you wuv my whootiful wips?
I wuv your mip tick

I did it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fox in the hen house

Last night we noticed the chickens didn't come in to roost at dusk. One was located and the other didn't turn up. The one we found had holed herself up in a tree incredibly spooked. This same hen is done laying eggs but a good companion to our other hen. That's right--we were down to only two chickens.
This afternoon our search dog found the hen. Rather her feathers. Looks like a fox came along and in turn spooked the other hen up into the tree.
Well one old hen that doesn't lay eggs has finished her job. So Daddy had to dress her. It's the worst part of having chickens. Using a biblical method our last hen of the season left us.
They'll be more in the spring but it's a bummer to say good bye to that last hen.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ready as we can be...

Chicken coop built. Check.
Rabbit hutch secure. Check.
Cats and dog secure. Check.
Groceries. Check.
Gas. Check.
Last tank of propane at the gas station. Check.
What else can we do?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back to School

We are a couple of weeks out from ending our first quarter. This year our schedule worked out a little different having moved over the summer and vacationing into September. We definitely do better with year round schooling.
For my reference I wanted to note I made a few tweaks from my original plan. For Maria, I registered with Kolbe Academy and while I like the idea of record keeping at school, and accountability, I sure do appreciate their flexibility. Many of my original choices in their suggestions just are not what I had in mind. Some of my own additions I did decide to postpone. Latin being one of them. We don't seem to have the groove for that yet. Although Greek is going very well!

Anyhow here's where we are...
I also took Sarah and Jessica's advice when planning my year. Checklists. Done. Huge time savers. Thank you Ladies! You are angels!

Quarter One ends Nov. 16, 2012
Quarter Two ends Feb. 8, 2013
Quarter Three ends April 19, 2013
Quarter Four ends June 27, 2013

Anna : Grade 6 :

Teaching Textbooks 5/6
Drill Sheets from Saxon
Online flashcards for memorizing math facts

Language Arts
Seton English 6
Universal Publishing Book G
Classical Composition Fable Stage
Vocabulary Quiz Workbook Mary Fabyan Windeatt

Kolbe Elementary and Jr High Literature
Reading Comprehension CHC Level 1

Thirty Minutes a Day Greek

Faith and Life Grade 6 : Following Christ
St Joseph Baltimore Catechism
Seton Bible History Gr 6-8

Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 3

RC History: Ancient Times

MCP Level F
Ancient History Timeline

The Story of the Orchestra
Gregorian Chant for Kids

Seton Art 7 Art Appreciation
CHC Art Appreciation Monthly Picture Study
Various Arts and Crafts Projects
September-Hand prints on Canvas
October-Fruit Pastels
December-Card Making
January- Saint Painting
March- Mural Painting
May-Flower Arrangements
Review Current Poems in Journal
Add Readers Choice

Maria : Grade 6 :

Teaching Textbooks 7
Drill Sheets from Saxon
Online flashcards for memorizing math facts

Language Arts
Seton English 7
Seton Handwriting for 6-8 Grades
Classical Composition Fable Stage
Sadlier Vocabulary B

Kolbe Elementary and Jr High Literature
Reading Comprehension CHC Level 2
The Hobbit Book Club

First Form Latin

Thirty Minutes a Day Greek

Faith and Life Grade 7: The Life of Grace
St Joseph Baltimore Catechism
Bible History The Old and New Testaments
The Sacrament of Confirmation
Faustina’s Friends Club

Apologia Exploring Creation: Human Anatomy and Physiology

RC History: Ancient Times

MCP Level G
Ancient History Timeline

The Story of the Orchestra
Gregorian Chant for Kids
Piano Lessons with Martin Berkofsky !!!!!!!!!!!

Seton Art 7 Art Appreciation
CHC Art Appreciation Monthly Picture Study
Various Arts and Crafts Projects
September-Hand prints on Canvas
October-Fruit Pastels
December-Card Making
January- Saint Painting
March- Mural Painting
May-Flower Arrangements

Review Current Poems in Journal
Add Readers Choice

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Nonnie!

Put on your new glasses....


Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Nonnie,
Happy Birthday to you!!

Love you Mom

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Momentary Lapse in Parental Judgement...

Elizabeth insisted on riding the sheep. To her credit, I think she thought it would be like riding a pony.  All the little sheep books have sweet sheep, the lamb is precious, so precious he followed her to school one day! How could it not be a sweet ride?!
Anyhow, Daddy geared her up and off they went to ride the sheep...
"I wanna ride the sheep."

Safety first!

Excited to ride...

Feel ok?

Ready to ride.

Gate opens...

Elizabeth is not holding on

and goes straight down.

Poor baby.

But I got a grass stain and a ring pop!!
Isn't life a little bit like that---we are excited to try, we gear up, sometimes we fall down.
Thankfully, there is always the Precious Lamb where ever we go.